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TSC WETCLEAN® at Your Doorstep

At TSC WETCLEAN, we specialize in wet cleaning, a gentle and effective alternative to traditional dry cleaning that's perfect for a wide range of fabrics. With our complementary pickup & delivery service, you can enjoy all the benefits of wet cleaning without leaving your home or office and at no extra cost to you!

How It Works:

  • Schedule Your Pickup: Sign up or log in via our convenient online customer portal to schedule your service, OR give us a call at (905) 896-9313 to arrange a pickup.
  • We Pick Up Your Clothes: Our friendly drivers will come by your home or office to receive your garments at the scheduled time. No need to be home! Simply make sure your items are in an accessible area for our team to collect.
  • Expert Wet Cleaning: Your clothes will undergo our specialized wet cleaning process, designed to gently remove dirt and stains while preserving the integrity of the fabric and minimizing our impact on the planet.
  • Quality Inspection: After cleaning, each garment is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and cleanliness.
  • Prompt Delivery: Once your clothes are ready, we'll deliver them back to you at your convenience, fresh, clean, and ready to wear!

Trust TSC to handle your wet cleaning needs with care and professionalism. Schedule your service today and let us take the stress out of laundry day, so you can enjoy fresh, clean clothes without the hassle!
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